WordPress Plugin Releases for 11/23

November 23rd, 2012
WordPress Plugins

New plugins

Add Email Signature adds a configurable signature to every outgoing email that WordPress sends.

Easy Local Site aids the development process on a local WordPress site by adding some handy reminders and overriding outgoing emails.

Force Password Change requires users to change their password on their first login.

Q2W3 Fixed Widget fixes positioning of the selected widgets when the page is scrolled down.

Updated plugins

bbPress is forum software with a twist from the creators of WordPress, available for the first time ever as a plugin.

Batcache uses Memcached to store and serve rendered pages.

Co-Authors Plus allows you to assign multiple bylines to posts, pages, and custom post types via a search-as-you-type input box.

Custom Javascript Editor allows you to add custom Javascript to your site from an editor in the WordPress admin.

Edit Flow gives you custom statuses, a calendar, editorial comments, and more, all to make it much easier for your team to collaborate within WordPress.

Jetpack allows you to supercharge your WordPress site with powerful features previously only available to users.

Safe Report Comments gives your visitors the ability to report a comment as inappropriate.




  1. Fyord (1 comments.) says:

    I just installed “Safe Report Comments”, but it didn’t play nice with another plugin, anyone know of any similar alternatives?

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