WordPress Theme Releases for 9/22


Convention has lots of great features like post thumbnails and custom menus.

iPin is a Pinterest clone theme.

Light is designed with readability in mind.

Living Journal is a very simple and minimalistic theme with nice attention to details.




  1. jimi ellis (2 comments.) says:

    I use Suffusion for my one and only website, I’m a real newbie, but have bought another domain name and have downloaded Convention, it seems more minimalistic which seems to be the trend, thanks for the pointer,

  2. James Rayers (1 comments.) says:

    iPin looks nice. Amazing how many Pinterest-inspired themes are coming out these days. I guess when you think about the way people now digest photography and otherwise-graphical content, it makes sense.

    Also, I’m certainly not making a complaint or an accusation but Living Journal feels quite similar to Mainstream by WooThemes. I actually used that theme for a blog of mine a while back and it’s quite a popular style, so no doubt Living Journal will get some attention.

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