WordPress vs. Drupal on Stage

October 17th, 2011
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SchipulCon 2011, a web marketing conference, hosted a very thought-provoking discussion between WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and Drupal founder Dries Buytaert.

Despite some technical issues, the founders of platforms often thought of as rivals had some interesting thoughts to share about competition and community in the open source world. You can see the video below, and there are some choice quotes available at Schipul’s coverage of the event.




  1. atelierelealbe (2 comments.) says:

    how come those two guys (and all the other programmers like them) don’t join their skills to create the absolute best open source cms or whatever. i feel like there’s lot of wasted time an energy developing two separate platforms that tend to do the same thing :|
    ps: sry for my weird engl.

    • Wouter Vandenneucker (1 comments.) says:

      because it wouldn’t work :D

      You will always have to give in on 1 point.. Super-usability and Super architecture and Super configurable without needing to change code is just an impossible paradigm..

      • atelierelealbe (2 comments.) says:

        Probably you’re right although i know some people that will get offended when they hear “this is not possible”.

        But this was not my point: why have 10 brilliant programmers working on cck and another 10 super bright programmers working on custom posts when you can have those 20 programmers working together on you name the project :)

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