WordPress 3.2 Beta 1 Released

May 12th, 2011
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WordPress 3.2 Beta 1 has been released. It’s not recommended for use on a live site yet, but testing is still encouraged. If you find any bugs, please report them as soon as possible with as much detail as possible.

The new beta sports performance improvements, distraction-free writing, a new Dashboard and Default Theme, more admin bar features, and no more support for long-outdated browsers (including links to the redesigned Browse Happy).

If you have any questions, please contact the special support forum or the wp-testers mailing list.

If you’re a plugin or theme developer, now’s the time to try WordPress 3.2, as the final release is on target for the end of June.

Have you tried the WordPress 3.2 beta yet? What do you think so far?




  1. Andrew (1 comments.) says:

    I’ve been using the nightly builds for the past week or so. I’m definitely liking the Admin refresh, great to see that Fluency has influenced the core admin

  2. Angie (20 comments.) says:

    Looks like another one of those updates you’re better off not going ahead with until about 3.2.6 or so. I bet the embarrassingly old gallery bug is still not being fixed, but useless features are being added ad nauseum.

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