WordPress Theme Releases for 5/9


Boldly Moody simulates looking through frosted glass to beautiful, colorful fabric or a painting.

Shadows has a very clean and minimal design enhanced with some great CSS3 shadows.

Widodo is based on the framework and integrated with Twitter and Flickr, Post Thumbnail, Post Format, Gallery and more.




  1. Christine Blythe (17 comments.) says:

    Hi folks,

    Unfortunately, the link to the info page for my theme ‘Boldly Moody’ is not right. Here is the correct link:

    Sorry for the confusion.


    • James Huff (184 comments.) says:

      Sorry about that, and thanks for catching it!

      Just a thought, not an excuse, but have you thought about switching to permalinks that include the post title? Not only will they look better, but incorrect links will be much more obvious before publishing.

      • Christine Blythe (17 comments.) says:

        Actually, I do appreciate the advice. I have never used permalinks – I guess because I’m afraid of screwing up dealing with something with which I’m not familiar. However, it sounds like it might be helpful so I will look into it.

        No biggie though. I do have an alphabetical list of themes in the left sidebar so if someone gets led astray, they can always find the theme they’re looking for that way.


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