WordPress Theme Releases for 2/26


Beauty Dots is a dark and attractive editor-style theme with dropdown menus.

Shiword is a simple dark theme with lots of features, like a “quick links” menu, an “easy navigation” bar, header and footer sidebars, and print preview.




  1. Aline Ideias (3 comments.) says:

    The black one is nice. But the first is still kind of messy!

  2. Matt (1 comments.) says:

    Beauty Dots looks completely uninspired. Shiword is nice – smooth scrolling for (top) and (bottom) of page links would make it even nicer.

  3. Olivia says:

    I like the Beauty Dots, it seems nicer than the theme I have now on my blog , I’m trying to find a nicer look but still want one that looks pretty. What do people think should I go with beauty dots or do you have any recommendations for a theme with lighter colors than Beauty Dot as I don’t want my blog so dark, it makes me sad, I think a lighter background would make my friends who read it happy:)

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