Hotfix Released for WordPress 3.0.5

February 9th, 2011
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A tiny bug made its way into the recent release of WordPress 3.0.5. The release did fix the security issue that it was intended to fix, but it was a bit overzealous and “stripped advanced HTML (on display, not save, thankfully) from comments by people with the unfiltered_html capability.”

This particular bug has been deemed a rare case, and the developers would prefer to focus on 3.1 than release yet another 3.0.x update, but they were able to sneak a hotfix for the bug into the latest release of Akismet (2.5.3).

A new plugin, appropriately titled Hotfix has also been released to fix this particular bug and select future bugs as they pop up, “so you don’t have to wait for the next WordPress core release.” Think of it as a dedicated plugin for minor WordPress updates.




  1. Chris Bryant (12 comments.) says:

    Will the Hotfix plugin be used in the future, or is it just for the stripped html bug?

  2. gestroud says:

    Any idea if the new plugin will be included in future WP releases like Aksimet and Hello Dolly? It would be great if it was.

  3. dgrut (10 comments.) says:

    nice, have installed. 3.0.5 had some critical update.

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