WordPress Continuing to Gain CMS Popularity

January 20th, 2011
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WordPress is continuing its climb to CMS fame, according to some impressive stats by Water & Stone.

Of note in the report, “The Big Three — WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal — remain ?rmly in command of the market,” and “WordPress has taken the lead in brand strength after a strong growth year.”

The report itself is quite detailed, and well worth an evening or weekend read.




  1. RG (12 comments.) says:

    Core support for multiple content areas or blocks within the…content will make WordPress even that much better. I don’t think relying on plugins for a such a crucial CMS ‘feature’ is the best idea. Having said that, I am always on the lookout for more good plugins that do just that.

    My 2 cents

  2. Almarma (1 comments.) says:

    I started with Postnuke as my first CMS many years ago. Not as professional, but as amateur. It let me learn how CMS work, and to understand what is Apache, what is MySQL and how to setup everything. Some years later it became ugly to work with. To make a good setup, I needed to learn a lot of programming language and I didn’t had time to learn it. Then I tried Mambo and Drupal and especially with the last one, I had the same problem: it’s really powerful, but to make it work and look as you want, you need a lot of knowledge, a lot of time. You need a plugin for almost everything, including the comments: if you want to remove the ugly “Subject” field, you need a plugin. And to upgrade the core and the plugins you need a lot of time, and usually you need to fix something because very often, the upgrades break something.

    In those days, I tried WordPress too, but it was a very simple CMS only for blogging. But last year, I tried it again (3.0 release), tired of Drupal headaches. And I discovered what I have been looking for many years: “an easy for me – easy for customers” CMS, powerful, not only for blogs, easy to update and to customize CMS. It’s almost perfect for me. I love it, I don’t get tired of it after some time using it. Now it’s my favorite with a big difference to the others. And I hope it will be for a long time!!

  3. George says:

    I use WordPress to build all my websites: blogs, news websites and as CMS with static pages. I built a website about 2 weeks ago using another well known system: Drupal 7, and it still does not appear in Google search results. Usually my new WordPress powered sites are quickly indexed by Google and other search engines. WordPress is easy to use and has excellent SEO.

    Joomla administration panel is a mess.

    I’m not criticizing other CMS’s just letting you know my experience.

    I’m not surprised that “WordPress Continuing to Gain CMS Popularity”.

  4. Ben (6 comments.) says:

    I exclusively use wordpress, after downloading and installing a dev setup of Joomla and Drupal at several points during this year, and finding it much more difficult to manage in the backend I have remained faithful to wordpress.

    I think that the biggest confusion with wordpress has been its origin, it did not start out as a dedicated CMS system, and many people still see it as a Blogging platform.

    With the release this year or version 3.0 and the imminent release of 3.1 with the menu manager, custom post types and soon post formats, the software has taken a giant leap towards being a very solid extendable and fast CMS system. While remaining Much easier to train clients in the use and maintenance of.

    Easy Integration with bbpress means a forum, Shopp plugin means ecommerce, buddypress means social networking, it really can’t be easier to setup powerful websites easily and quickly.

  5. SenseiMattKlein (14 comments.) says:

    WordPress has been a real lifesaver for me. After struggling with ModX for six months, I basically said to my webmaster, get me a CMS I can use myself. Found WP and never looked back. So simple, yet so powerful.

  6. dgrut (10 comments.) says:

    im started blogging with blogspot for a year, the i give a try for wordpress. wow… simple and easy… i start with WP on v.2.x
    now its almost perfect.

    Thanks WP

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