WordPress For iOS 2.6.4 Released

January 12th, 2011

Isaac Keyet has announced on the WordPress For iOS blog that version 2.6.4 has hit the app store. This version of the app has gone through careful screening especially within the Media Uploader and Post Write/Edit areas. One of the more annoying bugs has been fixed where line breaks would inconsistently be inserted into the code while some line breaks would be removed when editing posts. As for the media uploader, users should now be able to handle multiple file uploads without the app crashing. While a number of other bugs have been squashed, the team is already working on the 2.6.5 update. On the agenda for 2.6.5 is:

  • Priority #1 is always to fix the issues you are reporting, so go ahead and download 2.6.4 and tell us your thoughts!
  • The rare duplication of content bug (some of you have reported that new posts sometimes inherits details from previous posts). We got a good lead on this.
  • Media uploader sometimes scales up small images if Original size is chosen.
  • Managing Pages in WordPress for iOS is a really bad experience, which we want to improve overall.

If you run into any problems with 2.6.4, you’re encouraged to report them on the forums.



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