WordPress For iPhone 2.6.3 Released

December 21st, 2010
WordPress News

Chris Boyd has announced that version 2.6.3 of the WordPress for iPhone app is now available in the App store. This version includes a bunch of bug fixes and improvements. Some of them include:

  • Fix for multisite login issue.
  • Fix for crash when deleting media items.
  • Fix for occasional “Communication Error” for sites.
  • Fix for crash when selecting Pages tab after deleting a draft.
  • Fix for crash when entering settings during blog setup.

If you upgrade to 2.6.3 and notice any recurring or new issues, please report them in the support forums or link to them via Twitter. I’ve been having an issue where after I successfully add a new website, it does not show up in the list. I’m hoping 2.6.3 solves this problem.




  1. Mark says:

    Great to see this app update but it would be much better to have a HTML5 mobile app that can be used on all mobile frameworks.
    I am getting a bit tired of installing apps on my smartphone.

  2. Smith says:

    This is great news. An updated is just what we needed but I also agree with Mark. It is tireing to have to install everything manualy.

  3. Hissing Kitty (9 comments.) says:

    Rock on. My last version kept crashing when changing settings, which made the app almost pointless other than moderating posts on the fly.

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