WordPress Theme Releases for 11/26



abcOK is a two column, clean, and search engine optimized theme.


All Green is a two column green-based theme.


Magazine1 is a professional solution for any Blog/Magazine WordPress site. With a simple and stylish design, it is very easy to customize and use.


Minimal 2 Column is very simple, and should be easy to change or use as a template for something a bit more complex.




  1. Angie (20 comments.) says:

    Well, it’s truly unfortunate most themes are broken in Internet Explorer. Whether you like it or not, majority of surfers will come to your site using Internet Explorer (unless you run some odd niche sites that cater to weird clientelle) so the fact that it looks fine in other browsers will do you little good. IE users are those who count – at least if you’re in it for the green stuff.

    • Tomskus says:

      I’ve tried Magazine1 on a few wordpress installations and it’s broken whether viewed in IE, Firefox or Opera. Their website hasn’t much extra info.

      • Sapp says:

        Magazine1 works even in IE6.

      • Tomskus says:

        Just got this reply on Themes1 (Magazine1’s authors).

        “There was a problem with the download link, the name of the file should have been, so if you could please just rename the resulting folder you already have from Magazine1_v1.0 to Magazine1.”

        Did that and it works a treat now. :-)

    • Jacky (1 comments.) says:

      It’s usually the css issue. Just make modification there, hope it will solve the problems.

  2. Sean Brady (3 comments.) says:

    Magazine1 is pretty schweet!

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