WordPress Theme Releases for 6/9


One Column Themes



Jin is a a one-column theme which allows users to add post images directly to the home page using the write post page. The theme has a extended sidebar in the footer area.

Two Column Themes



Darkzen is a two column widget-ready theme. The theme makes use of darker colors and comes built in with social networking integration for home pages as well as single pages.

Elegant Brit


Elegant Brit is a two column widget-ready theme. The theme allows visitors to rearrange the widgets in the sidebar as well as collapse any widgets that would not like to see. Users can store their settings for next time if cookies are enabled in the browser.

Our Rights


Our Rights is a two column fixed-width widget-ready theme. The theme has in built support for Gravatars.

Three Column Themes



TechnoHolic is a flexible three column theme which can also be converted into a two column theme. The theme also has a 3 column extended sidebar in the footer area.




  1. Ted Liptak (4 comments.) says:

    the last one TechnoHolic is great, thanks

  2. Joe Cole (9 comments.) says:

    I like TechnoHolic

  3. WebTager (18 comments.) says:

    I like Elegant Brit!

  4. AJK says:

    Link for the Jin theme incorrect on site. But I found it via testing in any case:

  5. Ankan Basu (3 comments.) says:

    Technoholic looked great but they have a premium version, the free version lacks many things including widgets. What a pain!

  6. MattT says:

    Thanks AJK!

  7. Stijn (8 comments.) says:

    I beg your pardon, but Elegant Brit looks like a real rip-off of the iTheme by N.Design.

  8. libretto (19 comments.) says:

    Our Rights is very interesting. It is very “à la mode” as described by WebDesignerWall :

    J’en ai fait une traduction française ici :

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