WordPress Theme Releases for 5/5


One Column Themes

Simple Gray


Simple Gray is a one column theme which features dark tones of gray and mauve. The theme does not have any sidebars but does sport a extended footer.

Two Column Themes

Just Lucid


Just Lucid is a simplistic two column theme. The menu for the theme is shown to the left hand side of the page instead of the top. The sidebar and footer area are both widget ready. The theme contains stylesheets for 800px and 1024px width.


Three Column Themes



Written is a 3 column widget-ready theme featuring a personal photo, full-width footer in black, white and blue/green.



Zoxengen is a 3 column widget-ready theme with theme options.  The theme uses a bright color and has a section for feature articles and 6 spots for adding 125*125 banners.

Four Column Themes

LivingOS TAU


LivingOS TAU is a four column widget-ready theme. The posts are displayed in newspaper of magazine style grid format.




  1. Mike Robinson (3 comments.) says:

    Written looks really nice, as does Simple Gray :)

  2. WebTager (18 comments.) says:

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Megapixels (12 comments.) says:

    I really like Zoxengen. Apparently there’s a commercial version of it as well for $20 with a few extra bells and whistles.

  4. Jonathan (83 comments.) says:

    zoxygen looks amazing. a good change from a lot of other themes I’ve seen recently.

    it’s, refreshing.

  5. Sadish (1 comments.) says:

    Hi Keith,
    Thanks for your nice work.

    I would like to inform you about a new theme I released for free. It is called RevBlue2 and is available at


  6. leeleaf (4 comments.) says:

    i like LivingOS TAU.

  7. Jeff Chandler (295 comments.) says:

    Hmm, out of this set, I really like Zoxengen

  8. tazdog (1 comments.) says:

    I will agree with Jeff, Zoxengen looks like a nice theme.


  9. Danny (5 comments.) says:

    Nice themes

  10. Flick (20 comments.) says:

    Wow, this set of ‘Theme Releases’ are just splendorous! :) Thank you!

  11. Richie k (2 comments.) says:

    thx again for featuring my theme keith:)
    also thanks for the words guys:)

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