WordPress Theme Releases For 4/26


One Column Themes



Integrati is a single-column theme with the sidebar below the post. This theme has a built-in recent comments and previous posts section in the sidebar.

Fun with Minimalism


Fun with Minimalism is a one column theme without widget support . The theme provides an admin screen to make choices over the default colours, the colours used for each category, or post in that category, the feed link and the position of the feed icon.



Simple is a really simple theme with one column and good use of colors and fonts. The theme loads fast and has a tabbed footer at the bottom of the page.

Two Column Themes



PassionDuo is a clean theme, with rounded corners and 2 columns. It is advertising ready and it comes in 3 different color versions: red, blue and green.

Nature Blog


Nature Blog is a two column theme with a widget ready sidebar and footer. The theme has space for 121×121 or similar sized square ads and comes built in with a styled calendar for use with widgets.

Mag on Wood


Mag on Wood is a magazine style widget ready two column theme. The themes background is based on wood. There is ample space for advertising in the theme.




  1. Imran Khalid (3 comments.) says:

    These are nice themes…
    i like it :)


  2. chaoskaizer (62 comments.) says:

    Mag on Wood is really nice fresh theme. thumbs up

  3. Jeff Chandler (295 comments.) says:

    I like the natureblog design and passion duo comes in at a respectable second place :)

  4. Mattias (32 comments.) says:

    Like the simplicity of the first one, but feels a bit unfinished

  5. Ellimist (1 comments.) says:

    The Simple theme is really nice. The other themes are good but I seem to have an affinity for simple things. :D

  6. WebTager (18 comments.) says:

    I like wp themes with wood background. Thank you very much!

  7. Michael (19 comments.) says:

    Fun With Minimalism resonates strongly with my liking of clarity and simplicity. Nice one, Mr Rickman!
    BTW. Where do we add votes on this page?

  8. zack says:

    This is one of your best theme release posts to date. Great finds.

  9. Samir (9 comments.) says:

    Cool themes are showing up hats off to all authors.


  10. Daniel (1 comments.) says:

    How can I submit a theme? I wrote through the contact form but no answer received…

  11. Megapixels (12 comments.) says:

    Minimal gets my vote for number 1 . . . not many theme designers include videos on how to use their theme. Nice job.

  12. Dave (2 comments.) says:

    I’m liking the six 125X125 buttons on the PassionDuo theme.


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