WordPress Plugin Releases for 2 / 1

February 2nd, 2008
WordPress Plugins

MultiPage Toolkit

MultiPage Toolkit allows you manage multi page posts by allow you to add page title to each page and also allows you to display the number of pages in the post on the index page of the post.

Looks like a nice addition as it definitely takes care of one problem I have wanted to overcome in WordPress.

Release Page | Download

Extended Categories

A extension to the default category widget that comes built in with WordPress. This plugin allows you to display the categories as a list or dropdown, show the number of posts per category, hide empty categories and more.

Release Page | Download


Shows customizable message on posts and pages containing the [uc] tag. The message can be customized in the Options page.

Release Page | Download

Tag This

The plugin allows readers to tag posts and uses core WordPress tag system to store the tags. If you are a fan of tags this is a definite must have plugin.

Although I have not tested the spam tracking for this plugin ,which could become a pain I guess and will be a major drawback for the plugin.

Release Page | Download




  1. Jonathan (81 comments.) says:

    Multipage Toolkit is a boon to WordPress. I’ve been looking for this functionality for quite some time.

  2. Jermayn Parker (2 comments.) says:

    I was after one of these Plugins on friday, gave up and now can do what I wanted!


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