WordPress Plugin Releases for 8/3

August 3rd, 2007
WordPress Plugins

Include Me In That (html) includes any file into the body of any WordPress post or page. Care should be taken with files as their content will be transferred directly into the HTML of your WordPress Blog Site.

Include Me In That (website) is a website link generator plugin that provides a thumbnail, description and link to a website of your choice that you can embed into any WordPress post or page.

Mini-Slides is a lightweight image gallery plugin that integrates smoothly with the native WordPress upload feature and with the Lightbox 2 plugin.

Snippet Highlight puts the focus on PHP, CSS, JS code and more.

Those Were the Days is a featured posts plugin that provides configurable links to posts that you want to highlight on your blog. The output from the plugin can be displayed as a widget in the sidebar of your WordPress 2.2+ blog.

Wikisearch is a modest plugin that allows you to quickly link any word to wikipedia without having to look for the page url.




  1. TioSolid (1 comments.) says:

    Nice! I liked the wikisearch plugin! very handy

  2. Jermayn Parker (4 comments.) says:

    I could have done with the Mini-Slides plugin a month ago :)

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