Adsense with Rounded Corners

July 6th, 2007
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Google Adsense Ad Border with Rounded Corners: Apparently I was snoozing when this feature was released by Google but now you can have rounded corners on your Google AdSense ads. This could be a good way to increase your CTR, especially on blogs with AdSense blindness. I can see people coming up with very creative variations of the borders and colors to attract more attention to AdSense ads. I first noticed it on Google Blogoscoped while reading their article on AdSense Referrals.




  1. Angelfire (9 comments.) says:

    Jejeje, this is a very very old news, see the oficial blog:

  2. efrain (1 comments.) says:

    Way cool. Didn’t hear about it either. Gotta go check it out. And learn how to add pronouns to my sentences. ;)

  3. Jenny (24 comments.) says:

    I saw them yesterday when I was getting the code for my site. They’re kinda stupid if you ask me.

  4. archshrk (2 comments.) says:

    It is a little old but not everyone keeps up on google adsense news. Unfortunately for me, it doesn’t help because I have blended sidebar ads (no borders) much like the bottom of this post.

  5. byenstraeer (1 comments.) says:

    Tak for oplysningen.
    Jeg har straks kastet mig over udfordringen ifm markedsføring af mit firma “Byens Træer” der er specialiseret i træfældning i København og beskæring i København.
    Det bliver ikke meget bedre :-)

  6. icstrim (2 comments.) says:

    This is cool, i like this rounded corners a lot.


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