WordPress Theme Releases for 6/18


Black on White is a 2-column, widget-ready theme with grey header and whitespace everywhere else. It is a very clean, sharp-looking theme.

BlixKrieg 2.2 is a 2-column, widget-ready theme that is a drop-in replacement for Sebastien Schmieg’s famous ‘Blix’ theme. BlixKrieg supports asides and WordPress 2.2.

Contrast is a 2-column, widget-ready, white-and-grey theme. It has three built-in styles and you can use pre-determined classes to adjust block alignment on the fly.

Zeke is a 3-column, widget-ready, professional-looking theme. Both sidebar columns sit on the right side.

Black Magic is a 2-column, widget-ready theme that sits on a black backdrop. (Contains sponsored links.)

City Buildings is a 2-column theme with a cityscape header. (Contains sponsored links.)

GamePark is a 2-column theme dressed in shades of green and a cartoon-y header. (Contains sponsored links.)




  1. EXiT WEB (27 comments.) says:

    Zeke is the most nice of them… they are ‘drawing’ sone nice themes lately.

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