WordPress Plugin Releases for 6/15

June 15th, 2007
WordPress Plugins

Advanced TinyMCE Editor expands the abilities of WordPress’ native TinyMCE editor and doubles the editor’s available functions to 60, improves existing functionality for handling images, corrects errors in the standard WordPress editor, and makes it easier for maintain and configure the WordPress editor.

Feed Count provides an alternative to FeedBurner’s subscribers count chiclet. Users can customize the CSS style, refresh time, and link. Feed Count also uses before and after tags and integrates with the WordPress admin panel.

Feed Master is a beta-release plugin that allows blog owners to count the number of subscribers to their blog’s feed. Feed Master offers greater personalization of your feed, improved plugin interface, more specific statistics, ability to create feed networks, information about subscribers, and automatically creates a robot.txt file.




  1. Mi (4 comments.) says:

    Feed Master plugin looks great.

  2. thumbria (1 comments.) says:

    I’m the author of Feed Master. Probably my english isn’t very good but when I say “Features in evaluation” I mean features that I plan to make and that I know how to make, but that are not still available. At this time the plugin simply count subscribers, show some specific stats (format: RSS, ATOM, etc., category and post/comments with graphs) and allow to show subscribers with an antipixel.

    I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.

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