WordPress Theme Releases for 3/14


RockinSuckerfish is a modern web 2.0 looking theme with suckerfish dropdowns instead of sidebars.

Straightlaced is a 2 column theme for WordPress 2.1. Straightlaced uses no-nonsense, simplistic lines to produce a theme that is suitable for the businessperson, student, or anyone else who wants a masculine, businesslike blog.

iFoney is a 2 column theme for WordPress 2.1. Based on the new iPhone by Apple, iFoney uses dark colours and rounded portions to make it look like an iPhone.

Pseudo Shui is a two column, pixelated, minimalist looking theme using the colours red, black and white to give a high contrast.

Rounded is a simple 2 column widget ready WordPress template by Headsetoptions and MandarinMusing based on a design by

Unlimited is a 2-column fixed with wordpress theme, with Custom Header Image.



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