WordPress Plugin Releases for 2/23

February 23rd, 2007
WordPress, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Widgets

Social Bookmarks Widget allows you to select a number of links to social bookmark sites which are displayed along with icons in the sidebar.

hideAd allows the owner of the blog to embed advertisements but give periodical visitors the possibility to hide these ads.

Thickbox Automator is an edited version of the original ImageWiz. After telling it where your images are located, what size thumbnails you want and a few other minor details, it produces the code which you can paste into any post or page.

LiveContact is an AJAX powered Contact Form plugin for WordPress.

Comment Spam Trap is a simple, yet effective plugin that kills comment spam, including the hated trackback spam.

Search Everything enables the searching of Pages, Comments and more.

Hover is a WordPress plugin replacing keywords with links and an optional popup.




  1. Carlos Rivero (1 comments.) says:

    hey guys Search Everything link is broken… direct link for it is: Search Everything

  2. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    Hi Carlos, thanks for pointing that out. I’ve corrected the link above.

  3. Justin Smith (4 comments.) says:

    Another day, another batch of great plugins. I seriously love this site.

  4. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    Thank you Justin !


  1. Spam-Falle für Trackback-Spam in WordPress-Kommentaren…

    Jaaaa, endlich sind wir den Spammern auf der Spur!!
    Im Mexiko-Blog mussten wir heute schon wieder 550 Spam-Bot-Einträge löschen. Möglicherweise hilft da die neue Comment Spam Trap von weiter? Eine herrliche Ergänzung zur Nofollow-Spam-A…

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