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December 13th, 2006
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WP Plugin: WP e-Commerce Lite WP eCommerce Lite is a full featured shopping cart plugin for WordPress with a whole world of features. The latest version 3 Beta has a whole list of new features including better shipping options, purchase log RSS feed, multiple payment options, product options and use of Lightbox. Dan also offer a paid Gold version for those looking for even more advanced features.




  1. Me says:

    Do not pay for anything for WP e-Commerce (they try to get you to upgrade) but it is a scam.

    Just take a look through their forums or search the web about them. Bad news.

    You have been warned.

  2. Dan Milward (8 comments.) says:

    Hi Guys,

    Me is wrong. That is just not true. We power over 4000 gold upgrades – every known and again we come across funny server configurations but that is about as bad as it gets. We iron these out as quickly as we can.

    We love WordPress and we love our plugin!! If you have any issues contact Instinct directly :))



  3. Arbie says:

    Someone who is accusing others and wants to remain anonymous… always makes me suspicious that

  4. Dan Milward (8 comments.) says:

    Thanks Arbie – I know what you mean… Its funny how that most slander on the internet is from people with competing products and from people that have only just joined the forums. Inevitably they are either anonymous or its there first post.. I find it suspicious too.


    The WordPress e-Commerce Plugin Version 3.6.7 is about to be released. It is slightly delayed due to a few things out of our control… such as a third party CSS guru overhauling all the tables and making it purely div based :)

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