WP Theme: Corporate Slave


WP Theme: Corporate Slave Three column, minimalist, chock full of functions (if there is such a thing) theme for WordPress with a very interesting twist. The two columns at the center can be modified to display articles from seperate categories. In addition, a few plugins have to be installed with the theme for added functionality. I could not find a demo beside the original dreamlogic template. This theme is interesting enough that I want to install it just to see what it really looks like and how I can use it for something I already have. Sam does a great job of making his themes stand out from the croud. Also check out Misunderstood which has been linked previously.




  1. Sam (2 comments.) says:

    It is up on but I can’t get there at the moment. I am doing some testing with the Corporate Slave Theme at if you want to see it ‘working’.

  2. GaryV (1 comments.) says:

    Very nice looking theme indeed! If its stable I’d like to try it.


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