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October 11th, 2006
Business of Blogging

Good Blog Writing Style There are already too many “good blog writing” articles out there but I find that Phillip does a very good job of putting together some good ideas. I try to follow almost every one of these (except for #1) and found myself nodding in agreement as I read through. Most of it also reminds me of stuff in the manual of style and of advice from teachers, professors and authors that I have tried to adhere to. The first link is the one most people click on, so it should also be the main link for your article. and Credit your sources with a mention and link. are golden.




  1. Geren (14 comments.) says:

    Well, there’s nothing in there, really, that I didn’t learn working on my high school newspaper back in the early 80′s — except the links part. We didn’t have links back then! :)


  1. [...] Create your blogging style – your blogging style is what will make your blog unique. Your style is in part your writing , in part your experiences, in part of the topics you cover and the way you write about them. If you create it well enough someone can read a piece you write and know it’s you even if there’s no author credited. Some more good tips about it you find at the webblogcollection. [...]

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