Readability and High Contrast Designs

August 29th, 2006
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Readability and High Contrast Designs Roger takes on the light text on dark background folks and opns up a can of worms. However, the reasoning is sounds and though the dislike and readability impairment might be limited, the bookmarklet and valuable discussion is worth the read. Do you like dark on light designs as much as light on dark?




  1. Sameer (7 comments.) says:

    In presentation skills workshops we are usually told to work with light backgrounds as they don’t overwhelm the eyes at first glance. I think the same should hold true on the web. Anyways, now I’ll go and read the linked article.

  2. Jonathan (81 comments.) says:

    I prefer dark on light. Light on dark–particularly true white on true black–is more difficult to read, even than true black on true white. But that’s my opinion. I tend to shy away from the extremes on this issue, but my site currently sports black text on a white background because it goes with the design I was after. Usually, though, I’ve got either dark grey or dark khaki text on a cream or off-white background.

  3. Jeff (27 comments.) says:

    Next, he’ll bash sans-serif fonts! I’m not sure it’s intentional, but his post is a textbook case of designer linkbaiting. :)

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