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WP Theme: Mullet Mullet style layout for WordPress.




  1. brendan (4 comments.) says:

    Looks very much like a slightly more “wordy” default kubrick to me..

  2. Gopalarathnam Venkatesan (1 comments.) says:

    The theme is based on the default WordPress theme (Kubrick), but it has been hacked up for the “mullet”-style blog layout.

    Read this post:

  3. Jonathan Boutelle (1 comments.) says:

    So two of my ideas are implemented in this theme.
    One is the “mullet layout”: providing 5 stories with excerpts, than 50 story links (with no excerpts) on the main page. This makes the main page more dense, so readers can find older stories.

    The second idea is the “long tail archive”. This is one page with a reverse chronological listing of EVERY story that has been published to the blog. Again, no excerpts, just the title as a permalink. This makes it easier to find older content.

    Not rocket science, any of this stuff, but I think it makes a big different in making the content more findable.

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