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WP Theme: Squible by Theron Parlin and James Carppe. Inspirational is the adjective I would use to describe it. Squible is a one column, modular, highly usable theme for WordPress. It is tag centric, media friendly, tweaked to make it easy to follow a bloggers’ train of thought and quite powerful as a publishing front end combined with WordPress. There are some weaknesses, and energy could be arranged better (to suit me) on the screen real estate but those are just nit picks. Worth the click-through inspiration. PS: Since this has been around for a while, not sure how I missed it.




  1. Aulya Fadla says:

    yang baru

    penampilan dirubah total, tapi ini masih tahap pengembangan ke depan dengan merubah beberapa hal sederhana yang bisa me lakukan, yah disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan lah.
    theme WordPress yang satu ini mang sangat menarik, builtin berbagai plugin yang men…

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