Macworld: The best blogging tools for the Mac

October 6th, 2005
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Macworld: The best blogging tools for the MacRight now, the blogging tools most popular with Mac users are TypePad and Movable Type, both from Six Apart; Blogspot and Blogger, from Blogger (now part of Google); and WordPress, an open-source tool. These five tools range in power and complexity from simple-but-limited (TypePad, Blogger, and Blogspot) to do-pretty-much-anything-but-may-require-coding (WordPress). Movable Type is somewhere between these two extremes. Thanks Google Alerts




  1. Kimiko the Furball (1 comments.) says:

    When I started blogging I used Blogger as a temporary solution till I was able to get my own system built. But I quickly realized that it would take a long time to write my own blogging system so I decided I’d look around for other systems.

    Blogger offered an easy way to publish a blog, but had little flexibility to do more advanced changes. So I downloaded WordPress and started working on a new custom-designed template. I also had to find plugins that would fit with my needs. I enjoyed rewriting an existing “Last few comments” plugin into my own little “Most affectionate” plugin.

    WordPress has endless posibilities and I feel it is the best blogging system out there.. for me at least. ^^

    Anyway, sorry about the rant. I’ve tried different systems, but WordPress is the system for me.

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