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August 15th, 2005
LinkyLoo, WordPress Hack

Mod WP Into a Tag Based Blog App:

Like most bloggers, I don’t get a ton of front-page traffic. My visitor logs show that most of my visitors come via google, and land on a specific page. Given the behavior of my user base, I got thinking about how WordPress is structured, and decided that the content I post on this blog isn’t optimized for my users.

Interesting. Reminds me of Sam Ruby’s Blog.




  1. N. says:

    I use cat2tag, which I feel to be a superior alternative to either of the two plugins he listed.

  2. Sam Ruby (1 comments.) says:

    Are you suggesting that the content I post on my blog isn’t optimized for my users? ;-)

  3. Robin (2 comments.) says:

    The original URL was 500 when I tried it (seems to work on and off), but the coral link is doing fine, see

  4. Mark (118 comments.) says:

    No Sam, not at all. I am suggesting that this use of tags to optimize the blog’s user experience makes it appear much like yours (plus it kind of looks like yours as well)

  5. Jarrod (1 comments.) says:

    RE: similarities:

    I blame the default sized verdana plus a grey sidebar, in a sea of teensy-teeny fonts and fancy CSS designs.

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