WP Backup Shell Script

March 4th, 2005
LinkyLoo, WordPress Hack

WP Backup Shell Script After Photomatt’s recent calls for backup, I am going to have to use Geoff’s excellent backup scripts. I might modify them to send me an email with the files as attachments and setup a cron builder to task it every sunday. Add this to tons of stuff to do this weekend! If people are interested in the email part, release the script.




  1. Andy Kemp (1 comments.) says:

    I would be really keen on this enhancement! I love the backup script as it stands, but a weekly email would be fantastic!

  2. indi (1 comments.) says:

    yeah, a email backup would impress the hell out of me (and my clients!)

  3. Geof F. Morris (19 comments.) says:

    Mark, how are you thinking about mailing this out? I’m still a shell scripting newbie…

  4. Mark (118 comments.) says:

    It can get complicated with MIME encoded attachments, but fortunately for us shell scripters, someone, somewhere has thought of it before :)

  5. Mark (118 comments.) says:

    Or, even simpler (which I forgot)
    cat file_name | uuencode filename | mail -s “subject”

    Replace the variables with info from the shell script.

  6. Nick (11 comments.) says:

    I’ve love something like this!


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