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September 30th, 2004

I thought that it would be useful to post my own experiences with the Three Strikes Plugin that I recently released.

Here are some preliminary numbers while the filter is learning:
Total Spam Comments in the past 5 days – 157
Total Spam Comments that got moderated by WordPress – 7
Total Spam Comments that I never saw anywhere (except my statistics logs) – 150
Total Spam Comments that showed up on the blog – 0

Since the code used by the plugin is not just my own work, I would not be tooting my own horn when I say that I am quite impressed by its performance. I am thinking of further refining the process by adding fuzzy signatures to each of the spam words and making the process of addition of spam words more seamless. For those of you that are not seeing the same kinds of results (and are facing a comment spam problem), I am willing to share my Spam Words list. But instead of publishing it, I ask you to email me with the request and I will send it to you personally.




  1. Rinku says:

    Dear Sir,
    I are doing a project on filtering comment spam. Isn’t that cool. For this I require samples of comment spam. You mentioned about the Spam Words list which you will forward personally. Sir I am in need of that wordlist, so could you please forward it.
    Waiting for our response.
    With Regards,

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