Sprint PCS moblog to WordPress 1.2 Mingus

July 17th, 2004
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I have half-finished the Sprint PCS script to create a moblog with WordPress 1.2 Mingus and it is ready for download. Just a couple of caveats I should mention and then some features.

For all of you that have been having problems with IMAP, the problem might have been a version conflict and not the lack of IMAP support. I very strongly suggest that you try this script and if you still have problems, wait for the version with POP3 support.

This script will let you post to a WordPress 1.2 Mingus blog from a Sprint PCS Vision enabled phone. It is designed to pick up the pictures from the jumble of markup that Sprint puts out on their webpage. The script visits the Sprint Vision website, downloads the picture from that site and saves it on your blog as a post. The install is really simple and once it is setup, the posting is extremely easy and routine. Just point, click, shoot and send. I am posting some of my own pictures at

You can download the script from here:




  1. Mat (7 comments.) says:

    Ok, sorry about all the comments..the only problem, at this point, is that it appears to be creating the entry an hour in the future (i’m in central US time, and its time stamping them Eastern), hence no post until an hour from now. So I guess all i need to know is, where its getting that time from, and/or how to change it.

  2. Mat (7 comments.) says:

    One other thing i noticed…the entry is dated an hour from now. Perhaps thats why its taking so long to post? If i manually go into the entry and change the time stamp, republish it, its fine. So why, where, how is it getting a different timezone from?

  3. Mat (7 comments.) says:

    Actually, here’s something odd i just now noticed..It apparently makes a post, because when i go into my “Edit Entries” panel, i see that its there, however, for some reason, its not actually posting. Even when I manually hit publish, nothing is showing up on my blog. hmmm

  4. Mat (7 comments.) says:

    Ok, so how do you install it?

  5. Mat (7 comments.) says:

    N/M i found instructions in the file, however, could not get it to work.

  6. Mark says:

    Could not get it to work is not very helpful in understanding the problem. Can you give me a little more detail as what breaks?

  7. Mat (7 comments.) says:

    When i put the line “” into the browser, it says “deleted successfully”. I go to my page..nothing. It managed to post once, but it either took a REALLLLLLLLLY long time to post, or I was tinkering w/ something else and managed to get it post somehow. Do i need to give this thing like…20 min’s to post after it fetches the email from my ‘secret’ email address?

    Also , do i need to have a cron set up to GET wp-mail.php AND one for phone2blog.php or does the phone2blog.php script do all that?

  8. Mat (7 comments.) says:

    Ok, here’s the fix, if anyone’s intersted:


    $now = “$aa-$mm-$jj $hh:$mn:$ss”;
    $now_gmt = get_gmt_from_date(“$aa-$mm-$jj $hh:$mn:$ss”);

    replace with:

    $now = current_time(‘mysql’);
    $now_gmt = current_time(‘mysql’, 1);

    I dunno if it works for everyone, but it works for me. Thanks for the script!

  9. Silver (1 comments.) says:

    Hi, I was just wondering when the POP3 version will be out as I am really dying to try mobloggin out ;)

  10. jagged halo says:

    HELP!! Apparently I am no longer privvy to my sprint account online…my phone number has been given away etc. This means I cant retrieve my pictures.(Phone number and password dont match) Wow!! totally upset over this.Any suggestions? Customer rep said there is no way. Most were uploaded onto my sprint online account. PLEASE Help!!
    Also.The generic usb cable i bought with disc doesnt recognize eachother. Im not using sprint anymore this means no web on phone to send. still have thumbnails etc. this cable says S A M A 660 and came with a disc USB data cable driver SPH A660. no response. I cannot afford another purchase any ideas? Out of all the picture phones these were the best and even won me a position in Thailand to hold controllers position at a spa off of the coast. Ill share pic s in trade for some help. Getting pics off my ” non existance account” and off phone PLEASE its been months of exercising options …..Savonne

  11. nicki says:



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