b2evo Importer Script


I’ve created a trial script to import b2evo blogs to WP. The script seemed to work fine on my test installation on b2evo but since I don’t have a live installation of b2evo, the test was just that – a test :) While the script does seem to allow importing a specific blog, don’t be fooled by appearances – that is just in case the feature is needed in the future :p Currently, all entries and all categories are imported to WP since I was too lazy to figure out the logic for importing just one blog since b2evo has a category based individual blog system. Anybody interested in the script can get it from here.




  1. tix6174 says:

    Great tool! Saved my butt when b2evo messed up the DB and I said enough and switched to WP. Worked like a charm. Had some minor clean up – but that’s to be expected since they are two different packages.



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