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May 5th, 2004
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I am not a big proponent of advertising on blogs, especially the big flashy ones which have moving pictures and other stupid animation. However, I have found that Google and a few other sites provide a very nice and hassle free text ad service that can generate a few bucks for the owner of the blog. As you can see on this blog, I use Google and am very happy with the results. I know that Amaxon has a similar service. I think a list of blog advertising services might help a user choose their poison. So here is list from my experience. If you know of any others that you use or would like to suggest, please leave a comment.

- Google AdSense
- BlogSnob
- Amazon Ads




  1. Ozh (6 comments.) says:

    how much is “very happy with the results” ? :)

  2. Mark (58 comments.) says:

    Not at liberty to disclose publicly as per the agreement with the company in question. :)

  3. Ozh (6 comments.) says:

    doh !
    Hmmm. Ok. Just tell how many digits. :wink:

  4. shabbir says:

    Amazon has what is called its ‘Associates’ program that pays upto 10% commission on what your visitors may end up buying from Amazon. It is pretty cool. For some stores like its Tools & Hardware store, the referral fee can be as high as $6.5 per item bought. I think you should connect there.

  5. shabbir says:

    Oh…you can find more on

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