WordPress 1.2 Beta is out for testing


WordPress 1.2 Beta is out for testing if you havent heard the news yet. You can download it from here Grab the one with the latest date. The devs (especially Matt) are very busy chasing and killing bugs in their tracks. This is purely a developmental version but testing would be greatly appreciated. Here is a short list of new features and improvements.

* New plugin architecture
* Sub-categories
* Custom fields
* Localization framework and unicode encoding support
* All post times stored in local time and GMT
* Cleaner cruft-free and search engine friendly URLs
* Non-mod_rewrite clean links option
* Strong encryption of user passwords
* Redone administration interface, particularly with regard to options
* Encoded passwords and cookies
* OPML Export
* Easy, efficient upload and automatic thumbnail system
* Sub Sub categories
* Post preview
* Specify character sets – blog in any language.

The announcement on the dev blog is here




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