WuhWuh 0.2 Functional Specifications


With WordPress 1.2 due out in a couple of weeks (Not gauranteed or confirmed), I need to get to working the WuhWUh 0.2. Here is the tentative functional specifications and changelog (over and above what is already in WuhWuh 0.1 RC1 and WordPress 1.2).

    A built in Wiki, accessible from the admin interface, to build “static” pages – Does anyone think that a wiki inside a blogging tool is overkill? I am starting to think it just might be!
    A File Manager of some sort
    An integrated Linkblog with comments feature and RSS feed
    Mozilla Right Click Blog This xpi builder (maybe, not much interest in this)
    A setting to make older entries comment moderated (again, not much interest)
    More involved LiveJournal Update/edit/control
    One of the many photo hacks
    Cookie managed breadcrumbs (maybe, not much interest)
    Alex’s groups hack (maybe, not much interest)
    A custom page to configure pingers – Done in WordPress 1.2
    Newsfeeds for categories
    All hacks turned “on” or “off” from the control panel
    Much better documentation

Look for a release candidate in about a month (if all the hacks get done) I will not promise an ETA.




  1. Regarding wiki in a blogging tool – I think exactly the opposite: wiki integrated with a blogging tool is a great feature. Just make it easy to disable so that those who don’t need it don’t have to worry about it. But for those who do need it (like me) it would be a great feature if only because I wouldn’t have to install an external wiki. I wish wiki would get added to official WordPress as well.

  2. markku (2 comments.) says:

    The wiki feature can be useful for many people, especially those who focus in provinding content than continuously tweaking their sites.

    IMHO, the setting for comment moderation of older entries would be nice.

  3. Jorge (4 comments.) says:

    Next version of WuhWuh will include the WP-Mobile hack? I think this hack is very useful for handhelds users…

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