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March 14th, 2004
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I was browsing the page of Louis Clotman when I came across the Layout-o-Matic from InkNoise. This is not a new concept and has been done before. However, what makes this page so appealing to me is the ability to control the padding, body size and other elements of the CSS with just a few inputs. Check out this 3 column layout that I created using the tool.

Other tools offered by the site include The amazing Roll-over-er which creates XHTML compliant roll over icons and the List-O-Matic which creates complete lists that can be used in blogs, webpages etc and are controlled by various contributed code and CSS.

As always, thank them if you use their work!
PS: InkNoise also offers a cheap (starting at about 6 bucks) blogging tool/hosting alternative. The SXSW Community blog is powered by InkNoise.




  1. Louis Clotman (1 comments.) says:

    Layout-o-matic rocks. There are so many sites advocating standards-compliant design these days and so many good tutorials to simplify the design process. Very nice blog, btw.

  2. francey (2 comments.) says: also has some generators- mostly aimed at the diaryland blogging community. She also has a template generator (outputs customized links, and such based on existing template) at

    unfortunately, it currently doesn’t support wordpress – something which I’m working on.

  3. Mark says:

    try this – a very simple CSS generation tool from html

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