New web host search and a proposed solution

March 9th, 2004

I might have to switch hosts. I have been looking for sometime now and would really like to switch to a dedicated server somewhere with root access. However, with my present financial restrictions, that is not possible (lowest price for a well known dedicated host I found was $49/m with $99 setup fee) I have narrowed my choices down to IXWebHosting They seem to have a pretty good plan and will cost me $20/m with a $20 setup fee which I can afford. I really dont want my cable modem to be turned off because of all of this web traffic. Here are some of the features of the “Gold Plan” that I am looking into:
Advanced Domain Hosting
+ UNLIMITED Disk Space
+ Host up to 6 Domains & 30 Sub Domains
+ 6 dedicated IPs, 30GB Data Transfer
+ SSL Hosting & Shared SSL included
+ CGI-BIN, Perl, PHP, SSI, FrontPage Extensions

3 FREE Domain Registrations

Additional Hosting Features
+ UNLIMITED Email Services
+ 6 MySQL & 6 PostgreSQL databases

This will give Jennifer and Justin personal FTP access to their domains and they can have their own emails setup. This also gives all of my hostees unlimited web access and I get 3 free domain registrations! Looks like a winner to me.
I will start the purchasing process and then the laborious transfer in a couple of weeks. I will have my server up for sale at that point. Here are the details of my server, please email me if you are interested in purchasing it. I will ship it to you for free through UPS.

1 Ghz AMD Athlon processor
468 Mb 133Mhz RAM
10 GB IDE Hard Drive
40 GB IDE Hard Drive
CDROM, Floppy
32 MB Nvidia video card (needs replaced, graphics fuzzy in Linux)
Nice mid-tower case
Sound card, 56K modem
2 x 100 MBit NIC

Hand built from scratch and has run flawlessly (knock on wood) for over three years of non-stop usage. I am asking $300 for it. Negotiable.

Now back to the regularly scheduled thesis thumping! :)




  1. Simon Reid says:

    For dedicated hosting we can use our work servers which is lots of good luck as they have very fast servers.

    I spend so much time looking for good hosting, and my company researched lots of good providers and used tendering process.

    Work are use and they host all our dedicated servers, but not so cheap, we have used for a long time now and have been very good experience so far.

    Hope you helps.


  1. Chriss blog says:

    Great Webhost

    I’ve been searching for a decent Webhost for a long time, before actually settling into one. Many friends of mine told me about some bad experiences they had with their hosts. I found the webhost and they’ve been tottally exce…

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