Amazon Media Manager Hack for WordPress

February 27th, 2004
WordPress Hack

Denyer has released the Amazon Media Manager hack for WordPress. There are lots of cool built-in features, they include:
* Associate ID support
* Display by media type: Book, DVD, Music or any combination
* Display Most recent, recommended or random items
* Filter items by personal recommendation
* Customisable output similar to standard WP template functions

In case you do not want to use your own associate ID, you could use Denyer’s (which would make him a few extra bucks for his effort). The source code is, of course, open source and can be used with other PHP based weblogging systems and PHP enabled webpages (with a little modification). Denyer is an engineer by education (though he chooses not to work in that field) and writes very clean and well commented code. To add to his laurels, he is a wonderful photographer! If you use his hack, find a way to thank him for his work.

You can see it at work on the blog the blog of prolific and pretty Kitta from down under.
You can download the hack and get further information about it here.




  1. Denyerec says:

    Are trackbacks/pingpacks automatic? I had one appear from this site and wondered if I had to do something specific to make them flag up on other people’s logs….

  2. Mark (36 comments.) says:

    Actually, they are not automatic. I added your link for trackback when I posted this. I hope you dont mind. (you do have to enable them when you post, which is the default)


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