WordPress MySql dump files

February 23rd, 2004

In response to recent queries about an existing MySql dump file for WordPress, I have created a couple.
To use these MySql dump files, the wp-config.php file should show the db perfix to be ‘wp_’ Create a database (and make sure your database connection options are setup in wp-config.php) and then import in the sql file through a command line MySql client or through a tool like phpMyAdmin. The admin username is ‘admin’ and password is set to ‘password’. Remember to change the admin password after you login. Look for further instructions here:

Here is a link to the WordPress 1.01 Miles dump file:

Here is a link to the WordPress 1.1 Beta (latest nightly) dump file:

Please read the next part before downloading
There is an item that I did not think about and that is my mistake. Once you download these files, before you import them (applies to both the dumps) open the text file and do a search for

and replace that link with the siteurl for your WP installation (leave the single quotes intact)
Again, sorry for that oversight.




  1. Matt (64 comments.) says:

    I’m sure this is an honest error on your part, but right now when people run this and try to log in they’re submitting a username and password ot your domain. You should probably change the domain to or some such in the dumps. If you wanted to be really cool, make a form people could write in and fill out their domain and a password and generate a custom SQL dump.

  2. Mark (36 comments.) says:

    Dude, I am not cool, just slightly not warm. ;)

  3. bob bobstein says:

    say someone wanted to obtain the password hash for an online account, say e-mail or myspace, to be put through a rainbow chart. how would they go about doing this?

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