WordPress 1.0.1 Changelog

January 27th, 2004

This information can be found in the WordPress Wiki but some people might find it useful to help them make up their mind about upgrades (or migrations)

WordPress 1.0.1 Changelog:
* Several improvements related to the handling of international characters.
* “Future” blog posts should show up in the admin interface
* b2 import
* blogger import
* Calendar day titles are only showing the last post, not all posts separated.
* Calendar links to posts in the future
* Change installed check to use a different table than options, probably categories
* Check all importers
* Comment Moderation setting values
* comment out sending the unmodified header in rss/rdf feeds
* comment_tags_allowed bug
* Dublin Core in RSS feeds
* edit-showposts.php?
* Fix links-update-xml.php
* get_links_list should put descriptions in title attribute
* greymatter import
* fixed import-b2.php errors
* Make sure the bookmarklet works in Safari
* Modify upgrade.php to work from b2
* Month not showing up?
* Multi-word search strings cause errors
* Next/Previous Page links didn’t work w/ nice URLs
* Permalink bug w/ hyphens?
* Permanent redirects in RSS/RDF files should include QUERY_STRING
* previous_posts_link() and next_posts_link() are encoding already encoded chars
* Question marks and equal signs being stripped from comment_author_url
* Remove duplicate indicies, prevent future duplication
* Smilies replacement in comments rss is breaking the feed
* Support for double digit years/months
* textpattern
* Unescaped ampersand in template-functions.php
* Weird bug w/ posts paged and search
* wp-atom feed isn’t valid
* added id and classes to menu items for easier styling




  1. Matt (64 comments.) says:

    Are you going to upgrade this blog? You can use the new Charleen theme too.

  2. Mark (36 comments.) says:

    This weekend is the date! The SPAM is really bothering me as well. :-)


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