Moblog and videoblog hack for WordPress 0.72

December 21st, 2003
WordPress Hack

I have the beginnings of a moblog hack for WordPress 0.72 for which I need some beta testers. My mobile phone is not operational yet and I have no real way of testing this. Just a word of warning: THIS IS BUGGY CODE, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY FAILURE. BACKUP EVERYTHING.
So here we go…
Download this file and rename it to b2mailtest.php. Put it in your wordpress folder and follow the instructions for setting up email blogging for WordPress. Remember to setup a cron job with the new b2mailtest.php and NOT the old b2mail.php file. Create a folder called tmp inside your WordPress folder and make it writeable by your webserver. This hack emulates the settings from the main b2mail.php. Once you have email blogging setup, send an email to your blog with the same information as you would when you blog through email(username, password, subject prefix etc), but now you can attach a picture (through your phone, can be used just through email as well, tested with jpeg and gif extensions) to your email which gets added to your entry. I am working on setting up video blogging as well, but I need to get my phone working first. This has a lot of possibilities, including resizing the image, adding the support for categories etc.

Some suggestions to debug problems:
Make sure you use plan text encoding for your email, works the best.
If you are getting “error opening mailbox”, find the following line:
$mailserver = “{“.$mailserver_url.”:”.$mailserver_port.”/pop3/notls}”;
and remove the /notls

Email me or post a note to let me know if there are any problems/suggestions.




  1. Chris (1 comments.) says:

    I keep on getting an error with wordpress when I try to install the mod.

  2. Mark (7 comments.) says:

    If you are trying to use this on a 1.2 Mingus installation, it is not going to work correctly due to code changes between 0.72 and 1.2

  3. Mark says:

    this is a trest

  4. Mark says:

    this is a test

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