WordPress Hackery (stolen name from Chait)

December 15th, 2003
WordPress Hack

Here is the list of WordPress hacks that I will be working on. Please comment or post an entry if you have more you would like to add or if you would like to work on a particular hack.
1) Blog This - Done – look at this post on TechGnome
2) Link This – Done – Look at this link in WP Forums
3) b2stats – Done – Look at this post WP forums
4) LJUpdate - Not done yet, will look into it :-)
5) Threaded Comments – Done – Look at this link
6) Clickable smilies on the user posting page - Done – Look at this post on the WP forums. I would be interested to know if this works on Opera.
7) Send/print this page hacks – “Send this page” has been worked on . Printing is taken care of through the print CSS. So I consider this done. Please correct me or add more stuff to this.
8) Auto convert friends names to links - Done – Look at this file for the hack.
9) Restructure wordpress so that the index.php installs in the root and the wordpress files run in a subfolder - I think this would be an intrusive hack and would take away from the work of the core developers. I understand that a lot of people want this implemented, but I am going to pass on this one. If anyone else wants to jump in, please do so.
10) Sticky post - Done – look at this link
11) Multiple Blogs - Need more on this
12) Style switcher - done in many ways, with good explanations – Look at this post on WP Forums




  1. Poonam (10 comments.) says:

    Mark, do you think its possible for multiple authors to specify their own time zone? Have some other wp users interested in this as well. Thanks!

  2. Matt (64 comments.) says:

    Ideally the convert names to links thing would pull from the links database.

  3. Mark (14 comments.) says:

    Yes, but I want to make the hacks as non-intrusive as possible. Are there any plans to have a few extra tables in the wp database for hacks to be implemented without fear of having a non-working database with an upgrade?


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