Free 500MB web account for 3 years

December 11th, 2003

This is definitely worth a long post. I read about this on eWeek and really wanted to see what they were about. has a Free Web Hosting package which lasts for a full three years. i have not figured out what their deal is, as of yet, but they seem to pitch a good story. Three free years of hosting, no obligation, no ads, nothing. I signed up with a phony address, phony name and my real cell phone number. They use this number for authentication rather than just using the email address (they send you a “PIN” which you put into a secure page to get your service). I think they might be playing some game with the phone numbers. But if you are willing to put up with this nuisance or are willing to risk giving someone your phone number, give it a try. I have not gotten done with the authentication process yet, but I cannot wait. They also seem to have a long list of disclaimers (which I did not read, I know…that was my fault). Anyways, if all of this is true and they are not a bogus company, you could possibly end up with the following incredible features!

: Webspace – 500 MB.
: Your URL – Domain,Subdomain.
: Upload Method – FTP,Telnet.
: Forced Ads – No.
: Your Ads – Allowed.
: Scripting – CGI,Perl,PHP,SSI,FrontPage Extensions.
: Email – POP3.
: SSL – Yes.
: Database – MySQL.
: Statistics – Yes.
: Custom error pages – Yes.
: Advanced Password Protection
: 5 FTP accounts
: Cron Jobs
: SSH Secure Shell Access

Last date is January 14th and there is no obligation to get anything after your three years is up. This is really too good to be true. I wonder if I am setting myself up for some hurt. Nothing in this world is THIS free! Hmmmm….




  1. roham says:

    i want to get a web hosting with 500 MB space free can you do it?
    if you do thanks

  2. Madagascar says:

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  3. TechGnome says:

    It is that free. 1 and 1 is my current ISP, since Oct this year. The only thing I’ve had to pay for was the domain, and that was only $6. Uptime is great and I have not had a single issue — OK, well there is one, but they are working on it (supposedly), and it’s something I can work around (their control panel area doesn’t work with Mozi very well – it’s one of the few times I fire up IE).

    When the contract is up in three years, will I stay with them? I don’t know. I won’t know until about Aug 2006. The only thing I don’t really like is the fact that mail is not virus scanned (you have to pay seperatly for that per address :rolleyes: ).

    So far I have been very happy with them.


  4. Mark (14 comments.) says:

    Hmmm…interesting! That means that I can work with them for a little bit! They have limited support for local .htaccess and dont have mod rewrite enabled. Plus, their MySql database support is limited to one database. But thanks for the comment!

  5. azizmc (2 comments.) says:

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  7. lytrongan says:

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  8. milev says:

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  10. Cuong Nguyen says:

    I’m living in Viet Nam, i’m study at the IT so i need a free web account for my study. it ‘s neccesery.

  11. Cuong Nguyen says:

    I’m living in Viet Nam, i’m study at the IT so i need a free web account for my study. it ‘s neccesery. i’m so happy if i have an web address.

  12. erkinbaba says:

    i’m living in turkey! and i’m living for only music!!! if i get this domain i’ll use it for music forums and i need a big hosting!!!!!

  13. mihay (1 comments.) says:

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  14. osalnet (1 comments.) says:

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  15. alamesta says:

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