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November 23rd, 2003

I am almost done with blogPost. This application (written at my own behest, to learn) is a client application to post to blogs. Some of the final features will include:

Ability to post to multiple blogs with the same item
blogPostComment, ping and post status controls (which are lacking in w.bloggar)
Ability to code RPC calls into the application (with associated help files) for new blogging applications and APIs not implemented
Pure XMLRPC implementation, so simple code, existing methodology
Open Source, ThankYouWare

Features NOT part of the agenda include:

Fancy interface with lots of XP like icons which are never used by the average blogger
Ability to edit or modify previous posts
Category name retrieval from blog(might be included in forthcoming editions, just not this one)
Multi-threading (this example will NOT be thread safe)

I have gotten the XMLRPC++ modded enough to work with my application and I am presently working on the MFC code to make the GUI and the pretty front end stuff. I am also starting work on storing profiles and automatically setting up users for various blogs. The first alpha will not have many of the features. I am still too busy with other crap from school. I will be looking for beta testers by the end of this month. If anyone is interested, leave me a comment or send me an email and I will hook you up. Greg Door (a kind soul, a true friend I must say) is going to work through this with me (as per our last conversation) and with our collective minds, we should wrap this up by the end of this year. Once the application is where we want it to be, it WILL become shareware with some features lacking in the free version. We will have to decide on that. So beta testers with the final beta have free software.



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