How did your blog name come about?

November 17th, 2003

Here is an excerpt from a recent thread of conversation from the WP support forums that I like to help out at.

I have used the nickname LaughingLizard since my undergrad days. I did nothing special to think of the name, just sounded like I fit right into it. After graduation I wanted to register the name but found some restaurant owner (very lascivious business genre) had registered it already. The desire to name my blog after my nickname had to come to an end for the time being. As for the present name of my blog, I worked very little to acquire it. I love the word muse, worked it around a little, kept in mind that I wanted it to be something that is easily searchable and distinct as a word group, and there it was. As luck would have it, when I could finally afford to purchase the domain, I found that too was registered! :-) Here is a link that you (and other name seekers) might be interested in and it might help you get some interesting ideas. It randomly generates blognames for you. Hours of fun!!
Chris Thompson’s Blog Name Generator

How did your blog name come about? If you dont blog, do you have a fun name in mind? Have any stories to share, any fun little kibbles ? This is your chance to register (just a small form) and write an entry!



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