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November 3rd, 2003
Cool Scripts

I needed to have a small and fast bulletin board which did not need a MySql database and I ended up putting together the IdeaBox. This is written in PHP, is extremely simple and very configurable. Just download the source zip file, chmod 777 post.xml and you are ready to go. The php in index.php can be copied and pasted into any html or php page to add this board to that page. You can see the results at the bottom of my Regular Expressions Tutorial Some of the features include:

Very very simple interface
Board divided into easily navigable pages
Very simple source, easy to modify
Easily added to ANY php enabled page
Does not require a database
Relatively FAST




  1. Amiel (1 comments.) says:

    have a try :)

  2. Lina says:


  3. ujang (2 comments.) says:

    [my first comment’s wrong; i’m sorry; this is the one]
    if that trick above dont work, u can try this (put on the beginning of your php script in post.php file)





  4. ujang (2 comments.) says:

    if that trick above dont work, u can try this (put on the beginning of your php script in post.php file) ….





  5. MaT says:

    Help! I’ve been trying to put together a small site and wanted to be able to regularly update my news page without fiddling round with HTML.
    Ive installed your php script, got it working but only have one problem.
    I cant alter the font! It doesnt blend in with the rest of the site, Times New Roman (12) and Verdana (9) really dont match. Could someone help me out please?

  6. Scott (1 comments.) says:

    Cool little script but i noticed that it only works if register globals is on which most up to date php configs will not allow.
    by adding this t worked for me


  7. R. Mullen (2 comments.) says:

    I’ve been looking all over for IdeaBox…
    I was going to modify an old version (like a year old), so I’m glad I stumbled upon this site!

  8. R. Mullen (2 comments.) says:

    Ooh! I found something else…the array fields all had this funky anti-” ‘ ” character. I did a replace across and the functions worked, in addition to the change of the $_POST issue above….what’s up with this stupid ad which lies across the input for this form???

  9. Mark (34 comments.) says:

    I should have thought of the register globals thing. Thank you for listing the fix. I am still not sure about Mullen’s funky character. I do apologize about the post box. I should fix that part of the CSS sometime. :-) Thanks again for all your input.

  10. Elvis says:


  11. Elvis says:

    elvis replay

  12. Paul Mlynarz (1 comments.) says:


    Great idea for script – just what I need. but all i get is message
    Please go back to complete all fields!

    Any ideas?

  13. cameron says:

    Excellent script. I tried adding:
    to the post.php, but I still keep getting the response “Please go back to complete all fields!” It must not be reading the variables. Any suggestions?

  14. welde says:

    hi there i am trying to design an idea box which can accept suggestions in text,image,video and audio but no apeache and linux here.can i design using ASP? please give me some hint since it is my final year project

  15. John (1 comments.) says:

    I keep getting the Please complete all fields message, I’ve edited the script of post.php as others have suggested and it hasn’t helped.
    Can you offer some advice?

  16. Brian (1 comments.) says:

    It’s great however when I have 2 pages of comments the first and second page show me the same 15 posts. It doesnt show past posts correctly. I keeps showing the first page. If I have 10 pages of posts, all 10 show me the first 15 posts.


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