Amazon WishList Display

October 26th, 2003

I found a couple of places that host scripts for an Amazon Wishlist Display. There is Amazon Wishlist display which puts out a text list of all Amazon products in your wishlist. Here is a quick rundown of the idea from Kalsey

MTAmazon is often used to insert a person’s wishlist into their page. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of installing MTAmazon to display your wishlist, or if you don’t use MT, here’s simple way to put your wishlist on any web page.

Go to for instruction on how to impliment it.

The second script I found is from EDazzle AmazonBox This wishlist outputs pictures of the items on your list and is extremely configurable with lots of CSS tags to help integrate it into your site. See how it works at Mindful Musings




  1. Rich Manalang (1 comments.) says:

    RE: Amazon plugin… you may want to look at a plugin I just wrote called WP-Amazon.

  2. Ben (1 comments.) says:

    You can easily display your Amazon wishlist on your blog by going here:

    You enter your Amazon Wish List ID and that will then give you a small piece of Javascript code to cut and paste into your blog template. You can use CSS to style it to your blog’s look and feel. Several default styles are also available for free.

    It costs nothing and no registration required. No PHP, server side scripts, or anything complicated to deal with!


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